• Overview of Caritas
  • Caritas Vietnam was founded in South Vietnam in 1965 with the aim of helping the poor, the disabled, victims of war and natural disasters. In June 1976, Caritas Vietnam was ordered to cease operations and handed all possessions to the government.


    Thirty-two years later, on July 2nd, 2008, the government of Vietnam gave the approval for the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam to re-establish Caritas. After 3 years of work with continuous support from some charitable organizations, Caritas Vietnam and its 26 dioceses had their own offices.

    Today, Caritas Vietnam focuses on capacity building through training and coaching to its national team and diocesan officers. The goal of its personnel is to inspire Christians and to inform citizens about charitable work and community development.

    Its most relevant areas of interest are: emergency assistance, support in case of disability and disease (people with HIV/AIDS and leprosy), migration and educational programs (providing scholarships to poor students). One of our next steps is promoting sustainable agricultural development to support poor farmers.

    The headquarters of Caritas Vietnam has 4 departments: Education and training, Communication, Life services (people with HIV/AIDS, leprosy, disability, disaster relief, pro-life, migration, livelihood, agriculture, anti – trafficking), and Finance and accounting. For its multiple tasks, apart from its national staff there are thousands of volunteers and collaborators.

    Some of its partners worldwide include members of the Confederation such as Caritas Germany, Caritas Japan, Caritas Singapore, Caritas Slovakia, Caritas Norway, CRS (Catholic Relief Service) and Secours Catholique.

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