The Mass of laying the first stone, officially started construction of the flood-control house at Tien Nghia Parish, Ha Tinh Diocese

  • Monday, 10:37 Date 15/03/2021
  • Tien Nghia Parish, Lien Hoa Parish, Hoa Ninh Diocese is located on an earth dune in the middle of Nguoi Nhon, a major branch of the Gianh River. Although the landscape of the river is poetic, every time the flood season comes, this place becomes a nightmare. 

    Tien Nghia parish has about 1000 people, living by fishing, farming around the river. Therefore, this place seems to be one of the poorest places in the Diocese of Ha Tinh. More specifically, some young families, after the wedding, do not have land to settle in, but have to live crowdedly on the boat. In recent years, due to the constant floods and storms, 29 households on the boat risked to camp on a riverside field with the fragile hope of acquiring a "land for the baton" to settle down.

    After the historic flood in October 2020, many relief teams went to Tien Nghia to help and many people shed tears when directly witnessing the situation of the people here. The Bishop of Ha Tinh Diocese, Bishop Paul Nguyen Thai Hop and Caritas Vietnam 's survey team, Caritas Ha Tinh have come here many times after the flood to provide relief to the people. What everyone here recognizes and dreams of is that this place needs a solid house, high enough and strong enough for each flood, people have a place to live, for valuable applications such as motorbikes. , electronics and even pets. However, for them, dream is forever a dream, because they are struggling every day to eat.

    Understanding these concerns and concerns of relatives, Bishop Paul, the Diocesan bishops together with Caritas Vietnam, Caritas Ha Tinh decided to assist in the construction of this project and assigned presiding responsibility for Parish Father Peter Nguyen Xuan Toan to take care of land application procedures as well as construction design. Funding for the project is funded by Caritas Vietnam and the Post-Flood Reconstruction Program of the Bishop of Ha Tinh Diocese. These are contributions from benefactors everywhere to support flood and storm people at the end of 2020. 

    The project is also accompanied and supported by the government of Quang Tien commune, the People's Committee of Ba Don town when applying for Land level is going pretty smoothly. Two-storey building, designed in a multipurpose fashion. Normally, the house is used for community activities, students studying Catechism, and Tien Xuan Village Primary School can also be used for students to study. The house has a large and sliding staircase so that when the flood season comes, items and pets can be brought up to the second floor easily.

    Before this good news, parishioners in Tien Nghia, Lien Hoa, together with the help of some parishioners of Con Se, Vinh Phuoc worked hard before and after the traditional New Year, to break ground. and the foundation of the building.

    On Saturday morning, March 13, 2021, Bishop Paul presided over the Mass of laying the first stone, officially started construction of the flood-control house at Tien Nghia Parish, Lien Hoa Parish. Accompanying him were the priests of the county, the father of the homeland, the priests inside and outside the Hoa Ninh diocese, and a large number of people inside and outside the Catholic Church who came to attend the Mass to pray and share the joy with the parish in this great day. On this occasion, many benefactors and relatives also enthusiastically contributed their own part to the project. 

    In the homily, starting from the meaning of the two words "Tien Nghia", Bishop Paul instructed the community here "to have good relationship first", to know how to live in love with God, with others and with oneself. Indeed, the flood-overcoming house is gradually being formed as the contribution of so many people, especially those we have never met. Therefore, each person needs to know how to live in love with God in order to pray for the generous help of the benefactors; to live in love with each other in order to build village and neighbour relationships, so that many people will know that we are God's children and live in love with ourselves to cherish our own values. In addition, the bishop also thanked the generosity and sacrifices of gifts, relatives who have accompanied, cooperated and helped the diocese in these difficult tasks.

    Hopefully in the near future, the people of Tien Nghia family will feel more secure each time the storm and flood season comes back because there is a community house for everyone to take refuge.

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