To the generous Religious Orders, Charitable Organizations, Unions, Parishioners and Individuals in Vietnam and abroad, 

Dear Friends, 

In October, Bishop Joseph Nguyen Chi Linh, President of the Catholic Bishops' Conference of Vietnam (CBCV), and Bishop Thomas Vu Dinh Hieu, President of the CBCV Committee on Charity and Social Action, sent a letter asking for your support for victims of the historic flooding in Central Vietnam.  

We are humbled to report to you that God’s people have answered this call generously, with prayers and with donations of money, supplies, clothing, food and medicine.
Caritas Vietnam has received support from benefactors in Vietnam and abroad. We sincerely thank you all for this generosity. God has blessed us, may He also bless you!

Yours in Christ, 
Caritas Vietnam 

The following is a list of contributions received by Caritas Vietnam between October 13th and December 21st, 2020. When this update is complete, we will continue to announce donations received from December 22nd onwards. 

The List of Contributions Received by Caritas Vietnam from October to December, 2020 

The List of Contributions Received by Caritas Vietnam from January to June 2021

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