Caritas Hue: Communication and Activities in Thach Binh Parish

  • Wednesday, 10:13 Date 17/03/2021
  • With the awareness that more and more people understand about HIV disease, open their hearts to avoid stigmatization and discrimination against H-infected people and pass them on to the community to support HIV-infected people to integrate into the community, on March 14, 2021. Caritas Hue continues to communicate to the parents at Thach Binh Parish.
    Currently in the meeting, the media included Father Daminh Tran Ba Kha, Parish Priest of Thach Binh, Sister Tra Anh, Mr. Tran Ngoc Xanh, Ms. Nguyen Thi Dieu, volunteers and 58 parents in the parish.

    After sharing with parents about "accompanying children", Sister Tra Anh  communicates basic knowledge about HIV, the nun tells the heartbreaking story of a woman in the poor countryside who was infected by her husband come home from work The story goes like this: Family situation is poor, in the countryside cannot make money to support the children and repair the house. He went to Laos to work to make ends meet. Husband and wife pity far away. He worked in Laos for a long time and could not come back. His instinct arose, his monogamous fidelity was not complete.

    He fell. Returning to his hometown, reunited with his wife and children, having money to repair the house, but unexpectedly he had an accident. He was infected with H in hospital, then died. After her husband's funeral, both mother and daughter went to the test, oh, both were infected with HIV.

    She was abandoned by her husband's family. She took her children to her grandmother's house, but her own house also stigmatized her. You have to stay in the back gable very close to the pigpen. Painful, depressed, sometimes I want to surrender my life to get rid of this humiliation, but I think about my child, so I have to live. She struggled to walk with her own feet, then she met volunteers, predestined to come, thanks to their encouragement and encouragement she lessened her inferiority complex and bravely accepted.

    However, there are still barriers from the community. She did not dare to buy and sell vegetables, she was shunned. Her children go to school, they are discriminated against by friends and parents. The pain kept on guard in my heart! What's wrong with you or in your baby? Because of the lack of knowledge about HIV / AIDS and the misleading communication at the beginning, her mother and daughter, along with many people, have to live in pain!
    We need to open our hearts to love, respect, care and support those infected with H, helping them to integrate into the community. Give them the chance to have a happier life. When we give love, give kindness to others, and make them happy, blessings come to us. God does not lose our generosity. God is love.
    Wherever there is love, God is present. The Lord will bless each of us, family, loved ones and those we care about and share, and God's grace will always flow over those of good will.

    Sister Tra Anh wishes every father, mother as a communicator, to share with neighbors, relatives, the community in general about HIV disease and support them to integrate into the community. And before we love others, we need to love ourselves. Go back to your heart, take care of the person inside, settle your soul, find solitude. Here we will discover the mysteries. Loving yourself is also to train yourself to be calm in the face of adversity and difficulties in life, learn to live every moment of life with gratitude. Once our hearts are filled with love, we will give others what we have.
    At the end of the talk, there were expressions of thanks to Father Thach Binh, fathers and mothers for creating conditions for Tra Anh nun and collaborators and volunteers to fulfill their duties. Everyone would like to thank God, wishing for the next opportunity to bring Caritas Hue back to the parish.

    Caritas Hue office
    Source: tonggiaophanhue


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