Caritas Saigon: Supporting the Disabled with Prosthetics

  • Wednesday, 14:34 Date 03/03/2021
  • On the morning of March 2, 2021 Caritas Archdiocese of Saigon supported three patients with the delivery of new prosthetics.  Mr. A.B. in Kon Tum, Mr. T.K. in Dac Nong and brother N.Y. in Hoc Mon had prosthetics installed at the Orthopedics and Rehabilitation Center of Ho Chi Minh City in Ward 7, District 3. 

    A.B. and T.K. both suffered traffic accidents; their legs were amputated at the knees. This is the first time the two men, both of whom are farmers, were fitted with prosthetic legs. Mr. N.Y. was born without a leg and has never been able to afford a prosthetic. Prosthesis is a program regularly carried out by Caritas Saigon with sponsorship from many different benefactors.  A.B. and T.K. were sponsored by Caritas Saigon for this first leg fitting, and Mr. N.Y. is supported by the International Red Cross.

    The prosthetic fitting is a therapeutic process, so patients must be well prepared before and after they are installed. First, patients are examined and instructed by a therapist to prepare for the prosthetic fitting.  Next, they are tested and select samples.  Samples are given a trial period before a final a quality check to complete the prosthetic installation. Therapeutic procedures must be monitored, maintained and regularly checked.

    Expected next Wednesday, patient A.B. will return to receive his legs and practice walking with them. During this time he will also be staying at Chi Hoa Shelter, close to the Orthopedic and Rehabilitation Center, where his progress can be monitored. Patient T.K. will return in 3 months.  Installation of prosthesis after an amputation takes more time, because the muscles must be toned beforehand.

    Nguyễn Anh 

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