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    LOVE enables us to climb many mountains,

    swim many rivers and pass by many hills.

    (Vietnamese folk song)

    Twice a year, a delegation from American Wheelchair Mission (AWM) and a benefactor family donate 280 wheelchairs and 125 tricycle wheelchairs to Vietnam, in the Dioceses of Saigon, Xuan Loc Phan Thiet and Da Lat.  Not with standing thousands of miles, hot weather and harsh sunshine during the month of April that almost burn the white skin and blond hair of the American delegation, this worthwhile project is much valued.

     The wheelchairs serve as bridge from one heart to another as a symbol of love without boundaries and without discrimination despite the color, nationality, language and religion. The wheelchair and wheelchair tricycle donation is unconditional and unreserved; it is given out of LOVE by people who have a heart for the less fortunate, especially the people with disability. These people follow the Gospel of the Christian faith.

    Caritas-Vietnam receives the donation and disseminates them to our brothers and sisters throughout the country.  For many years, love has brought AWM to Caritas-Vietnam; hence, thousands of wheelchairs have been given to people in need of it.

    It is worth mentioning a special love from a 17-year old high school girl named, Emma who encouraged her friends in school to do something meaningful for the poor and less fortunate: She said: We should do something meaningful for the poor and less fortunate than us. Her friends heeded her and they initiated a fund-raising campaign in the school by selling candies, chocolates and some school supplies. The initiative of Emma paved the way for hundreds of Vietnamese to receive wheelchair and wear a smile on their faces. 

    The wheelchairs are given to the disabled and the sick to help them move around to places they want to go or visit.  These wheelchairs enabled people with disability to dream for a brighter future. When asked how they feel upon receipt of the wheelchair, their face lights up to show how happy they are.  Older people use the wheelchair to go to church; younger ones use the tricycle wheelchair to sell lottery tickets and earn a living for themselves and their family.  The young use the wheelchair to go to school. 

    Ms. Duong Thi Nga, a 29-year old recipient of a wheelchair said: This wheelchair will no longer make my mother suffer because of me.  When she received the wheelchair, the first person she thought of was her mother who used to carry her every day. Her mother loves her much and this is extremely precious to her. She is getting older and weaker day by day so receiving the wheelchair is a blessing for her and her mother.  It is like a miracle that brings love and lessens the hard work of her mother.

    The wheelchairs will certainly benefits people in difficult circumstances.  Receiving the wheelchair allow them to dream and aspire for a brighter future.  Full of love for God and for others, the wheelchair connects people together in unity and love.

    Sr. Hồng Hà MTG

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