Offering light for “the path to light”

  • Monday, 16:24 Date 11/03/2013
  • Invitation for supporting Education program of Caritas  Vietnam

    Dear all,

    Mentioned in 1st number of declaration on Chirstian education of Vatican Council II: “All men of every race, condition and age, since they enjoy the dignity of a human being, have an inalienable right to an education that is in keeping with their ultimate goal, their ability, their sex, and the culture and tradition of their country, and also in harmony with their fraternal association with other peoples in the fostering of true unity and peace on earth”.

    Responding this call of Catholic Church, from July 2010, under guidance of Catholic Bishops’s Conference of Vietnam, Caritas Vietnam realized the project “Path to light” to support for 400 poor children and provide them better conditions for living their rights for education.

    Until now, we have realized the project “Path to light” nearly 2 years and we’ve found a lot of good results in the journey of education. The children not only received their funds but also encouragement and accompaniment to make more steps in their studying.

    According to the project, “Path to light” means opening a bright future for the children, helping them and their relatives to keep their hope alive and confidence in human love.

    With the experiences in four provinces of Mekong Delta, we recognized that it should be extended to other regions. Because of children’s rights of education, we appeal your collaboration and support for project “Path to light”, so that we could continue our program for poor children in others, especially those in highlands.

    Support for education is practical and effective charitable activity. It’s also active contribution for the society. We respect your support and sincerely wish you much blessings of God with your generosity.

    Please transfer your donation to:     

    Commission on Charity and Social Activites – CARITAS VIETNAM  

    Address:     23/25 Đ2 street, Văn Thánh Bắc, ward 25, Bình Thạnh district, Hochiminh city 

    Telephone:     +84 (08) 3512 2366 


    Bank account     

    Account holder:    UBBAXH – CARITAS VIETNAM  

    Account number:  VND: - USD: -  EURO:               Vietcombank - Ben Thanh branch, 69 Bui Thi Xuan street, District 1,  HCM city

    •    Noted clearly: support for project “Path to Light”.

    Fr. Vincent Vu Ngoc Dong SDB            Director of Caritas Viet Nam


    Attached files:

    1. Thư ngỏ giới thiệu chương trình Con Đường Sáng - bản tiếng Việt (có chữ ký và đóng dấu)

    2. Invitation for program "the Path to Light"

    3. Chi tiết Dự án Con Đường Sáng

    4. Full text of Project "The Path to Light"/ English


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