The way to give is more important than gifts

  • Monday, 14:30 Date 22/02/2021
  • On a rainy afternoon, an old woman with gray hair, in torn clothes, entered a deserted restaurant.  At that time, the shop only had two young men eating pho. She came to the table pleading: "Please two of you please bless this old woman a little money to live through the day". 
    A young man took out a bill of 20,000 to give it to her, but then put it in his pocket and politely asked her: “it is getting dark and has been raining all afternoon.  You must be very hungry.  I invite you to eat hot pho to warm your stomach.” 
    The old woman smiled happily and thanked him. He immediately ordered a special bowl of steaming pho. She sat and ate eagerly, making the two young men very happy.
    After eating, she left while it was still raining outside. 
    His friend then asked the man: "Why were you going to give money to the old lady and then suddenly invite her to eat pho, instead?" 
    The man replied: “I was going to give money, but then, imagining her life, I thought she might not get to enjoy a bowl of hot pho, because if I gave her money she might not dare to spend it to buy food."  Hearing your explanation, the young man nodded his head in admiration. It is true what our grandparents in the past often told us: "Gain wealth for free by giving". 
    This story is a deep philosophical expression of human love in a life of the spirit: "A small piece when you are hungry is equal to a whole pack when you are full".  Attention to helping people when the opportunity arises is a noble gesture demonstrating the humanistic morality that we are all capable of.  To think: ‘when I have a lot of money, then I can help others,’ is a mistake that many people make. Just as there are many people saying: ‘I pray that I will win the lottery so that I can do charity work to help the unfortunate.’  That day may never come, but if it does, better to have already practiced generosity on a small scale. 
    Well, in fact today, we are fasting by refrainig from a morning coffee, a cigarette, a glass of wine, or a can of beer as a gesture of solidarity with the poor.

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