Severe snowstorm hits Mongolia

  • Saturday, 10:10 Date 11/04/2015
  • Mongolia has been hit by devastating blizzards with heavy snow completely buying vehicles and yurts, the traditional houses.

    The snowstorm hit isolated parts of the country from 1-4 April. Uvs and Uvurkhangai are the worst hit. The two regions have a very high number of herders, with their animals difficult to be found.

    Over 2000 people with their livestock are said to be stuck by the snow on their way to Lake Uvs. They are running short of food and hay for the animals. They have no heating.

    Heavy snow has covered homes and cars, raising fears of frostbite.

    Roads and bridges have been destroyed, adding to the difficulties. They risk hypothermia and frostbite in the freezing temperatures.

    Electricity and telephone signals are off in most of the affected areas. More than 500 livestock have died in the snow in Uvs and Uvurkhangai.

    Parts of Mongolia have been cut off as roads and bridges are cut by the heavy snowfall.

    Caritas Mongolia has been asked by local authorities to help, starting with food, hygiene, warm clothes, shoes and blankets, coal and firewood, yurts and to repair destroyed deep wells.

    Stuck in the snow in Mongolia

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