• Wednesday, 14:36 Date 24/02/2021
  • In the spirit of solidarity with Hai Duong Province and to prevent the spread of the COVID-19 epidemic, on February 17 Caritas Vietnam presented relief gifts to the needy in Cam Giang district, one of the six outbreaks of Hai Duong province.  Prior to that donation, in the aftermath of the outbreak of COVID-19 in Chi Linh City, on January 27, Caritas Vietnam cooperated with Caritas of Hai Phong diocese to support Chi Linh anti-epidemic efforts with an amount of nearly 300,000,000 VND.

    After this outbreak, Cam Giang district has the second largest occurrence of COVID-19 in the hard-hit Hai Duong province. Facing complicated developments of the epidemic, Hai Duong province issued a decision on social isolation for the entire province, beginning at midnight on February 16, 2021, in accordance with Directive 16 of the Prime Minister. With this decision, the whole of Hai Duong province fell into a very difficult situation.  Many families which were affected by the epidemic before had still not yet recovered, and now they are forced to stay at home.  Their lives have become even more difficult.  

    Facing this situation once again, Bishop Thomas Vu Dinh Hieu, Chairman of the Committee of Charity for Society - Caritas Vietnam, under the Vietnam Bishops' Conference, contacted Fr Joseph Duong Huu Tinh to discuss how they could offer timely support to the people of Cam Giang district. The support package they created includes 10 tons of rice and many other necessities worth 200,000,000 VND. The leaders of Cam Giang district were very happy to receive these donations and appreciate their valuable help in this difficult time.  At the same time, on behalf of those who felt such great need, they sent sincere and deep thanks to Caritas Vietnam. 

    The season of Lent has begun.  Ash Wednesday's Gospel reminds the faithful to practice three pious acts: fasting, praying, and exercising charity. With a noble gesture performed in Cam Giang district, Hai Duong province, Caritas Vietnam has brought the Word of God to life, making charity come true.

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