• Thursday, 16:23 Date 20/12/2012

    -    Project Title: "The Path To Light"

    -    Project owner: Rev. Vincente Vu Ngoc Dong, Director of Caritas Vietnam.

    -    Project manager: Mr. Paul Le Phuoc Thien

    -    Objective: support school fees and other conditions for poor students for a long term, even until they graduate.

    -    Procedure: the first year for 400 students of first grade in 40 rural locations, then with the positive response and generous contribution of the community, the program will expand the number of students at other regions in the country.

    -    Budget: 576,000,000 VND  / first year ($27,428.57 USD) and increase according to the school fees of students who transfer to higher studies.  

    -    Contact:  Caritas Vietnam Office 

    Address:      319 Quoc lo 13, Hiep Binh Phuoc, quan Thu Duc, Ho Chi Minh city


    Telephone:    (848) 3727 1904

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