Never seen so many people living on the streets - says Bishop of Neuquén:

  • Tuesday, 10:10 Date 02/08/2016
  • Neuquén (Agenzia Fides) – In recent months the number of homeless persons has grown considerably, "never before in my six years here, have I seen so many people living on the streets " said Bishop Virginio Bressanelli, S.C.I., of the diocese of Neuquén, voicing concern for the social situation all over the province.

    "In the early morning when I open the Cathedral people come in to sleep ,– he continues-. The other day I counted nine people next to the radiator and Fr. Carlos told me that the other day he saw 11. We let them sleep in the church and tell the people not to worry or disturb them while they sleep".

     Bishop Bressanelli spoke of this sad situation during a meeting with the press at the diocesan office for the presentation of activity to mark the 40th anniversary of the assassination of Bishop Enrique Angelelli. The Bishop ended his address encouraging society in general but above all the authorities to find a solution to this sad situation.Due to its geographical position and climate change the province of Neuquén has been one of Argentina’s areas most affected by natural disasters (see Fides 9/04/2014), especially since 2014.

    According to information given to Fides, lack of social services, insufficient ways of communication and widespread poverty and have contributed to the emigration of part of the population and aggravated the province’s situation of poverty.(CE) (Agenzia Fides, 29/07/2016)

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